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  • 3 Tips for Those that Suffer from Migraine Headaches

Nearly 30 million people in the United States have migraines, and many more suffer from tension, cluster, and sinus headaches.

Migraines are pulsating headaches, often on one side of the head. Many people describe sensitivity to light/sound, nausea, and often described as the worst headaches they have experienced. They are at times triggered by certain foods, increased physical activity, and often changes in environment and hormonal changes. Cluster headaches are described as shooting pain on one side of the head and at times pressure around the eye. They are brought about by concentrating too much on phones/tablets, long commutes to work, and sustained sitting postures at work. Sinus headaches may be brought about by allergies and infections. Most people experience pressure in around the eyes, nose and forehead.

There are 3 useful techniques that we find to be beneficial to our clients here at Tri-Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. First, make notes of what causes your headaches. By making a note of common triggers, you may more readily be able to remove or reduce the amount of time of that particular activity. Such as; changing dietary habits, less time looking at phone and tablet, and taking frequent breaks from sustained sitting postures at work. Second, making simple changes to your environment can provide dramatic reduction on the frequency and intensity of headaches. When at work, adjust the lighting of your computer screen and make sure you have a good sitting position and support for back, arms, and feet. This reduces the stress to the neck and upper back area after long hours of sitting. Also, find an aerobic activity that you enjoy. Spinning, biking, swimming, and even walking provide a great aerobic activity to supply blood and oxygen to tissues and have a dramatic effect on hormonal balances. Thirdly, if your frequency and intensity of headaches continues, seek medical advise. Your doctor can sit down with you and check for allergens and possible hormonal imbalances. Here at Tri-Physical Therapy, your physical therapist will help to look for soft tissue restrictions, muscle strength to the neck muscles that support the head and upper back, and also check for joints that may be restricted that are not allowing for the muscles around the neck to properly function.

Article by Alfonso Garcia

About the Therapist:
Alfonso Garcia is a West Texas native who grew up in the community of Crane, TX. Alfonso has earned two degrees from Angelo State University; B.S. in Kinesiology and a Masters of Physical Therapy.

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