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Is Running with Shin Splints a Good Idea?

Shin splints are common in all ages from adolescents to adults ranging from competitive athletes to recreational sport participants. They are painful and have a tendency to progressively worsen. They are an over-use injury that stresses the tibia and soft tissue around the shin region. Swelling and inflammation occurs as this area is repetitively stressed from impact activities such as running, jumping, and dynamic movements. The question that we get asked, “Can I continue to run.” Well, yes you can, but most of the time running and jumping become very uncomfortable and painful. At times, they become so painful, that any type of stress to the lower leg becomes intolerable. So, what can I do to get back to my training, lifting, and workouts. Give a call and find out what we do to get you back “on track."

Article by Alfonso Garcia

About the Therapist:
Alfonso Garcia is a West Texas native who grew up in the community of Crane, TX. Alfonso has earned two degrees from Angelo State University; B.S. in Kinesiology and a Masters of Physical Therapy.

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