Are You Still Having Back Pain After Surgery?

Why do I have back pain after surgery?

The question above, is one that we are asked at least once a day? To be honest, it is a difficult question to answer. So, I wanted to shed a little bit of light on the subject. First and foremost, in no way am I saying there was something wrong withyour surgery! However, what we most often find is that the problem, lies in the support to the area of the surgery. Like most of our clients, you probably experienced back pain long before your surgery. Basic movements such as bending, squatting, and lifting were most likely altered with compensatory movements. The supporting muscles/joints and “nerves” were no way able to perform at their optimal level. So, now, after surgery, do you think these supporting structures are suddenly able to work efficiently? More than likely, not. So, what are some solutions that do not require injections, possibly another surgery, and strong narcotic medication?

Well, Tri-Physical Therapy and Wellness Center will provide you a comprehensive examination of what muscles, joints, and nerves need to be improved so the body can begin to heal and reduce pain and discomfort.

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Do not continue living in pain and discomfort.

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Alfonso Garcia

Physical Therapist at Tri-Physical Therapy
Alfonso Garcia is the owner and CEO of Tri-Physical Therapy.Over the last three years, he has become one of the leading experts in movement based rehab approach.Alfonso has a post-graduate fellowship in manual physical therapy and is also a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.Alfonso along with Tri-PT's main objective is to get the body moving.Tri-PT is a fresh approach to healing.#MovetoLive.
Alfonso Garcia
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