Part 2 of Your Hip and Low Back Movement Program

Here’s a quick follow-up on your hip and low back movement program. This is a great way to perform a pre or post movement combination. Take two or three of the sequence and put them together, and you’ll have a solid piece to put into your current workout routine. Part 2: Mobility Sequence for Spine and Hip from ALFONSO GARCIA …

A Back and Hip Movement Sequence for You

Mobility Sequence for Your Low Back and Upper Back Part 1 from ALFONSO GARCIA on Vimeo. For many of our clients, time to get in our workouts is priority. I can completely relate to this as we are all busy with life. So, we don’t want to spend another hour of mobility. Being specific to what you need is so …

What to do for Elbow Issues: Part 2

How to Improve That Chronic Elbow Tendonitis: Part II from ALFONSO GARCIA on Vimeo. As discussed in the previous video, getting past elbow related issues can be frustrating. Here’s a quick video demonstration on improving elbow joint mechanics. As always, the better the joint moves, the less irritation to the structures around it.

Quick Guide for Elbow Related Problems: Part 1

Elbow issues such as chronic tendonitis can be a nagging problem. They are extremely difficult to treat. Here’s a quick video for addressing end-range movement at the elbow. By improving end-ROM, stress can be reduced at the joint. Banded Mobility for Helping with Tennis Elbow!! from ALFONSO GARCIA on Vimeo.