New Tri-PT Clients



Physical Therapy is a health and medical science that rapidly reduces pain, increases the the body’s potential to heal injuries, and eliminates weakness and imbalances from the body. We do this without the use of drugs and the potential side effects. Many find improvement on their first session and most get better after 6 visits. All our patients love it. Lastly, how much does it costs? Depending on the complexity of one’s condition, it can range from $40.00 to $90.00. Why choose Tri-Physical Therapy and Wellness Center? Because we go to the root cause of the problem and the improvements are long lasting.
We understand you might be apprehensive about your first physical therapy appointment, but from the second you set foot on the red carpet in one of our clinics, you’ll feel like you belong at Tri-Physical Therapy.

Our welcoming front office staff members are happy to help you begin your path to recovery and answer any insurance, scheduling, or billing questions along the way.

Your first visit will last approximately one hour and will include a comprehensive evaluation and applicable treatment administered by a licensed physical therapist. Your physical therapist will review your medical history, diagnostic tests and any recent events that may have contributed to your current condition. Your evaluation will include assessment of your current functional deficits, pain level and posture, as well as a thorough evaluation of your flexibility, strength, balance and endurance.

Following your evaluation, your physical therapist will thoroughly explain your personalized treatment plan

Our process depends on many factors. Many times your doctor will prescribe how often &/or how long you should receive physical therapy. Occasionally, insurance companies dictate this. But mostly your therapist will predict how often and how long you may need P.T. based on the findings at your initial evaluation. We understand that your time is valuable to you. We will make every effort to maximize the use of your time while you are at physical therapy. On average, follow-up visits range from 30 – 45 minutes and are usually no greater than 1 hour.
Your physical therapist will go through these at-home exercises while you’re there. Be sure to follow the plan exactly the way it is, most of the benefit of physical therapy comes from the routines the patient does at home.
Tri-Physical Therapy offers, post-therapy programs to help you safely return to your work, sport or recreational activity. All of our programs are supervised by a licensed health care provider with two degrees in Kinesiology and a Masters in Physical Therapy. Your physical therapist can help you decide which program is best for you. For your convenience, we offer both single visit and package pricing options.