5 Key Elements to Look for in Relieving Low Back Pain

The 5 common causes of back pain that we see here at Tri-Physical Therapy and Wellness Center are:

  1. Disc Related Pain
  2. Lumbar Muscle Strains
  3. Facet Joint Pain
  4. Arthritic Pain
  5. SI Joint Pain

How do we address these issues? Our first and foremost goal to to reduce the pain quickly and timely. You cannot progress with treatment without reducing the cause of the pain. Almost in every case we treat, our clients tell us that they have been diagnosed with acute low back strain or sciatica (when pain is running down the leg). What we often find with our initial evaluation, is there are a combination of factors contributing to back pain. Why is this important to resolve back pain?

First, how is the joint moving? We determine if the spinal segment are hypomobile (decreased segmental mobility between two vertebra), or if there exist a hypermobility (excessive mobility between two vertebral segments). Secondly, how does the soft tissue present itself? Is there warmth, edema and/or reproduction of pain with stretch or resistance. By feeling of the muscles around the spine and how they respond to movement, gives us valuable information if the problem is more muscular in nature.

Third, is there directional preferences? In other words, which movement make your pain better or worse. Again, this piece of information gives us valuable clues in determining the root cause of the problem. We understand with disc related issues, forward bending or sustained bending often increases symptoms. In the case of facet problems, there often exist difficulty with rotation and bending to one side. Next, is there weakness from key muscles that support the spine and sacral region? The spine has a vast system of support, but those muscles must be not only strong, but responsive to the demands placed on them.

Is there nerve tension? We use a combination of nerve tension exams to determine which nerves are being compressed and/or irritated. By determining the nerve involved, it allows us to effectively treat the involved segments and rule out if there may be a true radiculopathy (where strength, sensation, and reflexes) are effected.

The 5 key factors above are a part of the comprehensive examination. Of course, careful history taking and review of movement, strength, sensation, reflexes, and special test are part of the overall exam. The list above are only elements that we find extremely important in quickly determining the problem and then implementing a specific treatment plan to quickly and effectively reduce your pain and improve function.

Low back pain effects millions of people across the country ranging from all ages. We, here at Tri-Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, take a comprehensive approach to determine the root problem. We feel by treating the root cause and not only the symptoms, can you completely begin to live pain-free.

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